My Song On Gossip Girl

01/12/2011 Recent News

Big news!

Following on from having a song of mine on US sci-fi drama Flash Forward, my track ‘A Little Bit of Me’ – the debut single from my former band The Woodenelves’ album Trips Between Worlds – is set to appear in the hugely popular prime time teen drama Gossip Girl.

The song features in “Beauty and the Feast”, episode two of season five of the show that airs on the CW Network on Monday October 3 in the US and Fox8 in Australia later in the year.

Other artists to have songs on Gossip Girl include Adele, Kesha, Eminem and Rihanna.

Other Australian music to feature on the show include tracks from Sia and Bertie Blackman.

Thanks heaps to Izzy from Undercover Tracks and Gossip Girl’s music team for making this happen.

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